Highest, Largest, Longest, Smallest and Tallest in the World

List of Highest, Largest, Longest, Smallest and Tallest in the World

Highest in the World

Highest AirportLhasa Airport (Tibet)
Highest BridgeMilau (France)
Highest Capital CityLa Paz (Bolivia)
Highest ContinentAntartica
Highest LakeTiticaca (Bolivia)
Highest MountainHimalaya
Highest Mountain PeakMount Everest (Nepal)
Highest PlateauTibet
Highest Railway stationCondor Station (Bolivia)
Highest Rail TunnelQinghai Tibet
Highest River BridgeRoyal Gorge (Colorado)
Highest Road BridgeBailey bridge built by the Indian Army at Khardungla (Ladakh)
Highest TownWenchuan (Tibet)
Highest VolcanoCotopaxy (Ecuador)
Highest Active VolcanoGuayathiri (Chile)
Highest WaterfallAngel Falls (Venezuela)

Largest in the World

Largest AnimalBlue whale
Largest AirforceUSA
Largest AirportKing Khalid International Airport at Riyadh (Saudi Arabia)
Largest AuditoriumMunicipal Auditorium (Atlantic City)
Largest ArchipelagoIndonesia
Largest ArmyChina
Largest BankWorld bank (Washington)
Largest BayHudson Bay (North Canada)
Largest BirdOstrich
Largest Sea birdAlbatross
Largest Book Publishing CompanyMc Graw Hill (New York)
Largest CanalKeil Canal in Germany
Largest Car ManufacturerGeneral Motors(Detroit, America)
Largest Carnivorous MammalPolar Bear
Largest CaveMammoth Cave Kentucky (USA)
Largest CemeteryLeningrad (Russia)
Largest ChurchSt.Peter’s Basilica (Rome)
Largest City (population)Tokyo (Japan)
Largest ContinentAsia
Largest country (in area)Russia
Largest country (in population)China
Largest DamThree Gorges (China)
Largest DeltaSundarbans (India & Bangladesh)
Largest DemocracyIndia
Largest DesertSahara (Africa)
Largest Diamond MineKimberley (South Africa)
Largest DomeGol Gumbaz (India)
Largest Cold DesertGobi (Mongolia)
Largest DiamondThe Cullinan
Largest Dome in the WorldAstrodome, in Housten (U.S.A)
Largest EectorateIndia
Largest EggsOstrich Eggs
Largest EmbassyRussian Embassy (Beijing)
Largest EpicMahabharat
Largest FlowerRafflesia
Largest ForestConiferous Forests of Northern Russia
Largest GorgeGrand Canyon (USA)
Largest GulfGulf of Mexico
Largest HotelMGM Grand Hotel and Casino,Las Vegas (USA)
Largest Inland seaMediterranean sea
Largest IslandGreenland
Largest Lake (Artificial)Lake Mead at Hoover Dam,(Originally known as Boulder)
Largest Lake (Fresh Water)Superior Lake
Largest Lake (Salt Water)Caspian sea
Largest LandmassThe Eurasian Landmass
Largest Land animalThe African Bush Elephant
Largest LibraryUnited States Library of Congress
Largest lizardKomodo Dragons
Largest MosqueSha Faisal Mosque (Islamabad)
Largest Mountain RangeThe Himalaya
Largest MuseumAmerican Museum of Natural History (New York)
Largest NavyUSA
Largest North to South Stretch of LandAmerica
Largest OceanPacific
Largest ParkNortheast Greenland National Park
Largest ParliamentThe National People’s Congress of the People’s Republic of China
Largest Passenger ShipQueen Elizebeth II
Largest PeninsulaArabia
Largest PlanetJupiter
Largest PlateauPamir (Tibet)
Largest PortNew Jersey
Largest Railway StationGrand Central Terminal (New York)
Largest ReefGreat Barrier Reef (Australia)
Largest ReptileSaltwater Crocodile
Largest RiverAmazon
Largest River BasinAmazon
Largest River IslandMajuli (Assam)
Largest Natural SatelliteGanymede (Jupiter)
Largest SeaSouth China sea
Largest StadiumStrahove (Czech Republic)
Largest Cricket StadiumMelbourne (Australia)
Largest Football StadiumMarakana (Brazil)
Largest StatueStatue of liberty
Largest Steel PlantNippon Steel plant (Japan)
Largest TempleAngkorwat (Cambodia)
Largest TownMt. Isa (Queensland)
Largest Open UniversityIndira Gandhi National
Open University (New Delhi)
Largest University BuildingUniversity of Riyadh (Saudi Arabia)
Largest Active VolcanoMauna lao on Hawaii
Largest WallThe Great Wall (China)
Largest War planeMirage (France)
Largest Water fallGuaira (Brazil)
Largest WingspanAlbatross
Largest ZooKrugal National Park (South Africa)
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Longest in the World

Longest AirportDallas (USA)
Longest BeachRio de Janerio (Brazil)
Longest BridgeSecond Lake Pontchartrain Causeway
Longest CorridorRameswaram Temple (India)
Longest dayJune 21
Longest DamHirakud (Orissa)
Longest DictionaryOxford English Dictionary
Longest DroughtAtacama Desert (North Chile)
Longest EstuaryObeestuary (Russia)
Longest Fresh Water LakeLake Tanganyika
Longest Mountain rangeAndes (South America)
Longest Railway BridgeLower Zambezi (Africa)
Longest Railway LineTrans-Siberian Railway (Russia)
Longest Railway PlatformKharagpur, (West Bengal)
Longest Railway TunnelSeikan Rail Tunnel (Japan)
Longest RiverNile (Egypt)
Longest RoadPan American Highway
Longest Road TunnelSt. Gothard Road Tunnel (Switzerland)
Longest Ship CanalSuez Canal
Longest Shipping CanalBaltic White Sea Canal
Longest Swimming CanalEnglish Canal
Longest SnakePython
Longest Non-Stop TrainFlying Scotsman
Longest ThroughfareBroadway (New York)
Longest WallGreat Wall of China

Smallest in the World

Smallest BirdHumming Bird
Smallest ColonyGibraltar
Smallest ContinentAustralia
Smallest CountryVatican City
Shortest Day22 December
Smallest DesertCarcross Desert
Smallest Flowering PlantWolfia
Smallest LandmassThe Australian Mainland
Smallest MountainMount Wycheproof
Smallest MuseumArizona US
Smallest OceanArctic
Smallest PCSpace Cube
Smallest PlanetMercury
Smallest RepublicNauru

Tallest in the World

Tallest AnimalGiraffe
Tallest BridgeRoyal Gorge Arkansas, America
Tallest BuildingBurj Khalifa (Dubai)
Tallest Active GeyserSteam Boat Geyser Yellowstone National Park, (USA)
Tallest Free Standing Structure (Tower)CN Tower Toronto (Canada)
TallestFountainFountain Hills, Arizona
Tallest MinaretSultan Hassan Mosque (Egypt)
Tallest Office BuildingPetronas Twin Tower ( Malaysia)
Tallest RailwaylineQuin – Hai – Tibet (China)
Tallest RoadKhardungla Pass (Leh Manali, India)
Tallest StatueStatue of Motherland (USSR)
Tallest TreeThe Redwood Tree
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Deepest in the World

Deepest GorgeHell’s Canyon, (USA)
Deepest LakeLake Baikal, (Siberia)
Deepest OceanPacific Ocean
Deepest Point in the OceanChallenger Deep of Mariana Trench in Pacific Ocean

Miscellaneous in the World

Busiest AirportChicago O’Hare International Airport
Coldest PlaceVostok (Antarctica)
Coldest PlanetNeptune
Fastest BirdSwift
Fastest Land AnimalCheetah
Fastest PlanetMercury
Hottest PlanetVenus
Lowest Point on EarthDead Sea
Lowest TemperatureAbsolute Zero (-273oC)
Least Populous CityVatican
Oldest Capital CityDamascus
Oldest National FlagDenmark
Oldest PlantRose
Most Poisonous FishPuffer Fish
Oldest ReligionHinduism
Shortest RiverRoe (Montana)
Strongest Natural FibreSilk
Widest BridgeSydney Harbour Bridge
Widest WaterfallKhone Falls